New York Opera Newsletter Interview- 1994 

Vol.7 No. 10   The Classical Singer’s Connection   October 1994


Mr. Buckingham goes over the fine points of “Sempre Libera” with student Heather Hertling. 

Raymond Buckingham is a singer and a voice teacher with a mission – to revive a technique that he states was used by virtually all teachers and singers in years gone by.  In recent interview with TNYON, Mr. Buckingham stated his views with conviction.  He also proved able to demonstrate his opinions with remarkable vocal feats tossing off a low

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Article by Raymond Buckingham in New York Opera Newsletter - 1995 

The following article appeared in the New York Opera Newsletter in 1995.


by Raymond Buckingham

“Many people are asleep when it comes to their potential vocal ability. One of the most difficult things is to awaken them to this fact when they are dreaming that they are already awake. The great ones among you are simply awakened and if they start to fail they are merely being lulled back to sleep."         R.B. 

Take a song! One that is well out of your vocal range…

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